Long Island and NYC Moving and Storage Services

What types of services do Moving and Storage companies in NYC and Long Island provide?



If you live on Long Island or in NYC and you are planning a move, whether residential or commercial, you may want to consider hiring a moving and storage company. A move can be a very large undertaking, especially a commercial or corporate move. There are so many things to consider when planning and organizing a move, and unfortunately, so many things that can go wrong as well. Professional moving and storage companies can take care of every aspect of your move. So before you decide to take on the immense task of moving all by yourself, consider all of the moving and storage services that a professional moving company may be able to provide for you.

Choosing the best moving and storage company on Long Island or in NYC

If you have made the smart decision to hire a moving and storage company, you must make sure that you are hiring a reputable service. According to Financial Web, “When you need to move, a professional moving company is usually one of the most important things to find. You want a moving company that can handle the entire situation for you. You want to make sure they are credible and reliable.”Best-Moving-and-Storage-Company-on-Long-Island-or-in-NYC

A professional moving and storage company should have proper qualifications. They should be licensed to do business in your area and be qualified for the job. Make sure that they have insurance to handle your things and will handle any possible damage.

The best moving and storage companies on Long Island and in NYC are licensed and insured, experienced and should be able to offer you a longlist of services.  They should have a knowledgeable and experienced staff of movers, transportation specialists, project managers, warehouse operators and a team that works together to provide expert moving services.

What types of moving and storage services do you need?

If you are planning a move on Long Island or in NYC, you need to know which types of moving services that you need. Once you determine exactly what you need, this information is extremely helpful when you are choosing a moving and storage company.  Following is a list of moving and storage services that professional moving companies can offer.



Residential Moving Services

Whether you live on Long Island or in NYC – a residential move should be handled with care. And whether you are planning a local move or relocation across the country, you need a professional moving company to assist you. Following are residential moving services that they should be able to offer:

  • Planning
  • Full Service Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking

In addition, it is a great advantage if they can offer storage options for household items if your new location is not yet available on the day you vacate your home.

Commercial Moving Services

If you are moving your commercial, retail or corporate location from Long Island or NYC, you definitely need to hire a professional moving and storage company that can offer you elite services. A corporate or commercial move can be complex undertaking and it needs to be carefully researched, planned and executed.  Here’s what a professional moving and storage company should be able to do for your business:

  • Efficient planning and logistics services
  • Complete office relocating plan
  • Implement an efficient tagging process to ensure that there is no confusion with placement of items during the move
  • Meetings with management and office personnel to establish appropriate color codes and numbering sequences for tagging purposes
  • Careful analyzation of floor plans and furniture placement
  • In-depth studies of both old and new locations to determine elevator locations, loading and unloading conditions, and traffic areas to determine maximum volume for moving

Experienced Long Island and NYC moving and storage companies hey should also offer moving supplies including cartons, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving paper and any materials needed to ensure the safety of your office furniture, records and equipment during the move.

After all research and planning is completed, the client should be given a complete office relocation plan that includes accurate timetables and a realistic moving schedule.


Does your business need to relocate a data center?

A data center relocation is a crucial operation that requires intricate planning to ensure a smooth and efficient outcome.  Professional moving and storage companies can manage the entire process from initial assessment to devising a strategy to complete implementation.

Data center relocation services should include:

  • Surveying the original site and inventory
  • Attending strategy and planning meetings
  • Assessing the physical layout of new location
  • Creating and implementing relocation plan
  • Risk management plans
  • Adhering to business timeline
  • Moving of all main frames, racks and services of all types
  • Equipment and inventory packing and transport
  • Physical unloading and product set up
  • Reconciling inventory

An experienced moving and storage company should be able execute a flawless data center migration for your commercial business on Long Island or in NYC.


Do you need an area to store your business documents and storage?

As today’s businesses must adhere to growing legal compliance codes, document management has become more important than ever. If your business does not have the storage space for all of your documentation, it is important to find a safe, secure and convenient location to store all of your pertinent documents.

Ideally, a moving and storage company located on Long Island or in NYC will have storage space available.  These services should include document management services that include retrieval, storage, disposal and delivery options.  The space should be safe and secure, completely gated and protected by security video surveillance. In addition, disposal services should be provided as well.


Do you need storage or warehouse space?

Whether you have a layover of a few days or you need a few months to store your personal items or corporate records and supplies, a moving and storage company should be able to accommodate you. Moving and storage services from companies on Long Island or in NYC, should always include proper storage space.

If you need to store documents, electronics, computer equipment, furniture, case goods or any general freight they should have warehouse or storage space available for all of your storage needs.  Storage and warehouse space should also be secure and located in a fully gated facility that is safe, secure and monitored by an advanced security video system.  They should also offer pickup and delivery service for all items that are stored in the warehouse.


What about Logistics Services?

Any large move (especially corporate or commercial) may require complete logistical planning and execution.  Long distance relocations from Long Island or NYC often require logistical solutions and services to ensure that the entire move goes smoothly.

You should have a team of experienced and dedicated project managers that can handle every aspect of your project from inception to implementation. Commercial and industrial logistics specialists should be able to cover every detail and provide coordinated solutions to any of your business needs including:

  • Data Center Relocation
  • Commercial, Industrial and Office Moving
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Pier-side pickup for overseas containers or freight
  • Cross-Docking Services
  • Tracking and Communication

 Where can I find the best moving and storage services on Long Island or in NYC?
Try Triple Crown. Triple Crown Moving and Storage is based on Long Island, but can handle any move in NYC or the entire tristate area. They offer quality moving and storage services to customers throughout the area.  Triple Crown can handle all the logistics of your move.



Triple Crown offers complete home relocation services that cover every detail of your move. They can handle a local move on Long Island or in NYC, or relocation across the country! Planning a move can be very stressful and they understand that every move is unique and every family and home has different needs and concerns.


Triple Crown Moving and Storage has years of experience moving offices and entire corporations with ease. They manage the entire relocation project so that your move runs smoothly. And if your business is planning a data center migration, Triple Crown can handle all the logistics for any data center relocation. Their experts can manage the entire process from initial assessment to complete implementation.

Warehouse Space

Triple Crown has over 110,000 square feet of storage and warehouse space available for your commercial and residential storage needs. Their warehouse services include transportation, long and short term storage, packing and relocating.  The warehouse space is located in a fully gated facility that is safe, secure and monitored by an advanced security video system. They always offer pickup and delivery service for all items that are stored in their warehouses.

For the best moving and storage services on Long Island and in NYC, contact Triple Crown. They have an experienced team of professionals that can handle your corporate or residential relocation, cross country move, or any of your transportation needs. Beyond moving and storage services – Triple Crown has the experience, knowledge and highly skilled team to handle your relocation, transportation and logistics services.