Data Center Relocation

data center relocation

A data center relocation is a crucial operation that requires intricate planning to ensure a smooth and efficient outcome. If your business is planning a data center migration, Triple Crown can handle all the logistics for any data center relocation. Our experts can manage the entire process from initial assessment and devising a strategy to complete implementation.

Our services include:

  • Surveying the original site and inventory
  • Attending strategy and planning meetings
  • Assessing the physical layout of new location
  • Creating and implementing relocation plan
  • Risk management
  • Adhering to business timeline
  • Certificate of Destruction (COD)
  • Start lift and shift of all main frames, racks and services of all types
  • Equipment and inventory packing and transport
  • Physical unloading and product set up
  • Reconcile inventory
  • Disposal and Recycling services including:
    • Hard drive degaussing and recycling services
    • Military grade degaussing of hard drives
    • Re-marketing/Reselling services available

Triple Crown can plan and execute a flawless data center migration for your commercial business. We will customize a solution with fully integrated servers, storage, and networking services. Trust Triple Crown to safely and successfully relocate your data center.

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